8° incidence
7 wavelengths 
0.01% resolution
0.1% accuracy



006. CT7 installation on  Win7,8,10 system

The installation procedure for Windows 7,8,10 is simpler than ever.

In contrast to XP and Vista systems, the USB driver will be  automatically downloaded (*) and installed. The necessary  ".NET framework" is already included since Win7 .

You may use CT7 software provided with the instrument or check for updated versions from CT7 DOWNLOAD AREA.

(*) The PC shall have internet access.


The installation is performed in only two steps:

  • Let Windows to find and install USB driver
  • Run CT-7 Console setup

Now, lets see it in details:

  • Let Win to instal driver:
    • Power ON the CT7 instrument and connect to USB port of the PC - after few seconds the CT7 device will be available  and COM port created (see Hint 2 below).
  • Install CT7-Console:
    • Download from CT7 DOWNLOAD AREA the latest version of CT7-Console, extract from ZIP and start Setup 

Do not forget to switch CT7 into PC-Link mode (using it's navigation switch and menu),   select the Communication port and you may enjoy the connection.


1. If the driver is not correctly installed, or CT7 is not connected to PC  you will most probably get error "No Communication Port Availiable".  

Windows creates dynamically the port when CT7 is connected (and powered).

2. Typical message during automatic CT7 driver  installation: