8° incidence
7 wavelengths 
0.01% resolution
0.1% accuracy



011 CT7 Export data to Excel

CT7 allows to export data in CVS format easily processed by programs like Excel.

Reading CT7 exported data, may require two simple manual action:

  1. The columns of exported data are saparated by tabulation sign "\t".  Depending on Excel settings, a manual conversion text-to-colums shall be performed.
  2. CT7   works with fixed decimal point convention:  decimal separator is a dot "." .  Depending on local convention it may be necessary to replace dot by comma in exported .cvs file before Excel can process data as numbers not as text.

The step by step procedure is explained in the following table : 

STEP Action
  • open  CT7export.cvs file with Excel.
all contents is read-in  into the first column as text,
columns of data are not separated
  • Select imported column
  • go to DATA / Text to Columns

  • Select DELIMITED data and press Next
  • Select TAB delimiter

  • press Finish
Data are splitted into columns with headers
If your decimal separator is comma:

  • select the area containg data 
  • go to REPLACE , and replace .  with , 
  • press Replace-All

your data is processed as numbers.