8° incidence
7 wavelengths 
0.01% resolution
0.1% accuracy



About us

The CT-7 Instrument has been developed in close collaboration between OPO sprl and A1Pixel as new approach to our handheld reflectometer-scatteromiter IRIS. IRIS was well known to the maintenance engineers of the biggest telescopes since 1996.

OPO has a special connection and dedication to astronomy due to the original activity of its chief and founder Daniel Malaise. This is the last activity that he would abandon and he has put all his past experience in designing a new specular multi wavelength reflectometer uniquely dedicated to his fellows astronomers. 

 The design of this instrument is accompanied by a thorough theoretical study of the problem. Hence, for the first time astronomers will be relying on an instrument that, from the very start, has been thought solely for their purpose, with no economical or other bias; and the chosen solution if fully and amply justified by rational arguments as it should always be the case in scientific fields. 

The creation of CT-7 family is a result of  long evolution and continous improvements of handheld reflectometers-scaterometers. 

CT7 users map, handy reflectometer for telescope mirror coating

Daniel Malaise measuring a mirror in optical wokshop.