8° incidence
7 wavelengths 
0.01% resolution
0.1% accuracy



CT7 Download

CT7 2020 package 

is coming soon.

CT7 2019 

CT7 Package zip: version: 1.8.03; file CT7.zip  download 

Release: 2019-09-11

Version notes:
  • Wavelength labels are imported from CT-7 Instrument in function of LED sources actually installed
  • Automatic search for the latest User Manual  in /CT7/Documentation folderUpdated User Manual v7.
  • All instruments since 2015 are upgradable to version 2019, please feel free to contact-us

Installation instructions:
  1. Download zip and extract to My Documents.  
    1. New installation: a   /CT7 folder will be created
    2. Existing installation;: new files will be merged into existing /CT7 folder, some files will be replaced 
  2. Go to CT7/Install folder and execute Setup. 


Included versions:

CT7 Console software version:  1.8.03;  

CT7 DSP software version:         1.8.00;  

CT7 OLED software version:      1.2.13;  

CT7 User Manual revision:          7;

 - sample configuration files 

Legacy versions

CT7 2018  Chart+Increased internal precision to 0.00 format. Package zip: version: 1.8.00; download 
CT7 2015  High Precision Head and Li Ion batteries. Package zip: version: 1.5.00; download 
CT7 2014  High Precision. Package zip: version: 1.4.00;  download
CT7 2012 (delivered before July 2014): contact:  pawel.woszczyk@ct-7.eu

CT7 USB driver and installation notes: 

USB driver for CT7 instrument (XP and Vista) (zip file 1300k)  download 

Read Installation notes:

XP and Vista: Read Note 005

Windows 7,8,10:   Read Note 006